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That’s life

Make your moments unique with friends with new tastes.

Extra jam of Montoro’s roasted onions in beer


Extra jam of Montoro’s roasted onions in beer with lemon and Szechuan pepper produced by Il Poggio del Picchio

Ceramic bowls


Red and blue crafted ceramic bowls produced by Le terre di Rò

  1. Innovative flavors
    Known ingredients that join in a new way to create original experiences.
  2. Italian lifestyle
    To organize moments of pure relaxation leaving inspiration from the Italian style.
  3. Original look
    Versatile accessories suitable for the most various occasions.

Men’s stretch braces


Men’s stretch braces crafted by neapolitan artisans of Alen2. Beige color.

100% Made in Italy Experience

To live in any place exciting moments in perfect Italian style!