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How That’s Amore works

Made in Italy, made with love.

How it works

Reinvent your style

The online store where you can shop Made in Italy artisan excellences, find all the new trends from “Bel paese” and dress the classic Italian style that is always fashionable.


The catalog of excellence

Fashion, Design and Food&Wine, browse through our products and let yourself be inspired by the unmistakable Made in Italy style.


Customized for you

At each of your order the artisan will provide for the creation and shipment of your product, that you will receive directly at your home.


A risk-free shopping experience

You will have the full traceability of your purchase, you will be able to know the delivery status of your order at any time.

Let yourself be inspired

Start dreaming with Made in Italy!

Excellence and the highest quality, these are the strengths we started with. We only offer the best Italian products and artisans in Fashion, Design and Food&Wine. All the products are highly controlled, certified and meet European standards. But above all, they arrive at your home directly from the artisan's workshop. Your product will be unique because it is conceived, designed and realized in traditional way specially for you. Become the new ambassador of Made in Italy!