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About us

Vision We love Made in Italy excellences and we want the whole Europe to know them.



Made in Italy and Fashion: a perfect marriage. Each garment, each cloth and each fold tells the Italian sartorial tradition, the elegance of an unmistakable style.



The epic of Italian Bel Design to draw inspiration from. The perfect fusion of beauty and functionality makes Italian furniture unique for creativity and realization.



Italy is eating well, healthy and tasty. Each product has an ancient story rooted in the mastery of those craftsmen who hold the authentic Mediterranean flavour.


With That's Amore, the Italian style will invade your whole life, with the charm of the trends and the excellence of Made in Italy. You will have the opportunity to meet the best Italian artisans and producers, to love their best products and to discover their history.

The ideal place for those who love Italian style.

That's Amore: with love and passion, in perfect Italian style