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What to do if package arrives damaged?

Sometimes, shipping a package by courier, there is a possibility that it arrives damaged.

This inconvenience can occurs for several reasons: excessive fragility of product, packaging failures during transport, operator carelessness in managing the package.

So, what to do if package arrives damaged?
At the time of delivery the courier will ask you to sign a document which proves the effective delivery. If you notice package appears damaged choose the option “acceptance with reservation” or “reservation of intact package control”. This formula indicates that package has been received, but maybe something went wrong. If packages appears intact but you know its content is extremely fragile, choose the reservation formula anyway. Reservation allows you to check the content also at a later stage. NB: if you accept the confirmation document without reservation you certify that package has arrived in perfect conditions, and then it will be very difficult to ask a refund.
Acceptance with reservation
There are dedicated fields in the delivery note to accept with reservation. Each courier has its own procedures, so you might want to ask what to do at the time of delivery. At the time of delivery check appearance and conditions of packaging and the number of packages. If you accept with reservation because there are visible damages write the reason clearly in the delivery note. If instead you are afraid of hidden or not immediately visible damages, sign with reservation anyway, check as soon as possible and in case of damages send a report to the courier and That’s Amore immediately. If at the time of delivery you signed without using the reservation option in case of damages, the positive outcome of the refund request will be very difficult.