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More than a jewel

From the intuition of Cristiano and Barbara Oppo, Quid Jewelry was born with a specific desire: to transform jewels into stories, in symbols of unique and never identical passions.

After years of experience in the luxury accessories industry, the two Campanian brothers collide ideally with the conventional lines of the big brands and decide to rediscover a fundamental aspect of jewels, often forgotten: who wears them.
Stories, feelings and personalities are molded together with metal to create unique and absolutely personalized jewelry.


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100% Made in Italy

Every jewel of the Quid line is rigorously Made in Italy: from the project to the sketch, passing through materials and workmanship, a creative laboratory from all Italian enthusiasm

Vanguard design

Innovative and contemporary, the design of each jewel takes inspiration from the most contemporary trends, reinterpreting them to confer personalities and verve

3D Printing

Fascinating and innovative technology, Quid Jewelry uses for its creations 3D print for precise and well-defined engravings

The Quid plus

“When I gave my companion a diamond ring, convinced to give her the symbol of luxury and love, I was reprimanded for the banality of my gesture, devoid of personalization. So here we are”

Not just technology

Vanguard and innovative technology combines technical excellence and aesthetic sensibility to craft wisely the material and recreate unmistakable shapes and lines


Careful and passionate work: jewelery is designed by a team of professionals, designers, artists and craftsmen. A wise combination of creativity and skills

Continuing search for new materials and best technologies to offer more and different solutions and new stories to tell

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