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Il Poggio del Picchio

All the good of nature

Under the shade of a huge pear tree, in 2005 was born the farm Il Poggio del Picchio of the Russo family. A 1841 farmhouse, a vineyard trasformed into a plot of land for fruit trees, the native fruits of that pear tree, respect for the times of nature and the desire to preserve the Irpinia’s ancient flavors: these are the main ingredients of jams produced by Mamma Fiorenza, "savory, full of sun and fatigue."

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Union is strength

It is the constant work of the whole Russo family the added value of the company: the commitment of dad Sergio, the dedication of mum Fiorenza, Francesca's dreams who renounces the profession of engineer to devote herself to this activity

More than 100 products

Marmalades, jams, quality preserves: from 1500 cultivated plants of 200 different species, Il Poggio del Picchio products go beyond the local borders to reach Italian and foreign restaurants and boutiques

100% Nature

Sowing, ploughing, harvesting: every product is cultivated according to its seasonality and in the awareness that nature must be respected in its times, always

Hand-crafted production

Each fruit is carefully selected, peeled and pitted by hand following the recipes and techniques as the Irpinia tradition wants and handles

An eco-bio philosophy

It is the sun, the earth and the attentions that we dedicate to our trees to reciprocate with excellent products. The fire, the lemon apples, the quinces, the azaroles, the arbutus, the pears with the spices and very little added sugar, can give excellent results if they add to the passion and curiosity to create new tastes and flavors

Tradition and innovation

That 1841 farmhouse to be transformed into a professional laboratory because there is a modernity that can not be ignored even if the passion of tradition continues to burn

Gambero Rosso, Slow Food, Primi d’Italia: the delights and values of Il Poggio del Picchio have received, over the years, awards and recognition, as at Tutto Food 2011 in Milan and in Shanghai in 2017 as the producer of the best innovative product, until they are mentioned in many guides and gastronomic itineraries

Successes to enjoy

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Regular Price: €62.00

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Regular Price: €62.00

Special Price €49.00

Regular Price: €62.00

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